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Our Oranges

Nature is wise and offers us different varieties at every moment of the season. You can start enjoying seasonal oranges from the beginning of November until the end of May.


It is the first variety to enter into production, and we distribute it at Christmas with its maximum degree of sweetness. It is a fantastic orange for both table and juice. It has a delightful flavour, round fruit and thin skin of intense orange colour. Sweet and juicy pulp.

Season: November to January


This variety of orange is very similar to the navelina, the peel is a little thicker, but does not present any difficulty when peeling. It has a more rounded shape and the colour is not as intense. High juice content and with a sweet and smooth taste.

Season: December to March

Navel Lane-Late

It is one of the varieties most valued by experts and most appreciated by our customers; its low limonin content makes it sweeter for juice, thus a high-quality orange perfect for table, sweet, juicy and with a suitable degree of acidity.

Season: February to May


It is the last variety of the season, surprising for its freshness in the dates it enters into production. It is of a good size and the rind is somewhat thick, with plenty of juice, and sweetness, which makes it an excellent orange for both tables and juice. It is a late-ripening orange.

Season: From May to June


One of the latest varieties of the season. High juice content, excellent aroma and a slightly sour taste making it the ideal variety for those who like citrus flavours. In addition to that acid touch, they contain very high sugar levels, so its flavour is very appreciated to prepare juices: sour and sweet at the same time.

Season: April to June

Blood Orange

This variety of orange has a slightly sour taste and a slightly harder peel than the common orange. They are small in size but with an intense flavour. Its taste is bittersweet. Both its skin and flesh are reddish. It has few seeds, is very tender and has a lot of juice, making it perfect for juicing.

Season: From February to April

Our Mandarins

We only grow the best quality mandarins which are the clementine group and you can enjoy them from October to February.


The Marisol variety is one of the most popular with our customers, but it is also one of the most delicate. The fruit is of good size. The rind, which is very aromatic, separates quickly from the pulp. The juice of this variety of mandarin has a certain acidity. Harvesting is very early.

Season: October


It is the mandarin par excellence, the most recognized. Sweet taste, easy peeling and excellent quality. Large fruit with a flattened shape. The flesh is juicy and melting. It has an excellent acid-sugar ratio.

Season: October to January


Small to medium-sized tangerine, oval-shaped and of an intense orange-reddish colour, with very tender flesh. It has a high content of good quality juice.

Season: October to November


Medium sized and slightly flattened mandarin. Easy to peel and of very good quality.

Season: October to November


It’s a natural sweet and the kids love it. The pulp is very sweet and has a lot of juice. The size is usually medium.

Season: January to February



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