The internet phenomenon has broken all borders and offers you the possibility to buy real oranges and mandarins directly from Valencia.

You can enjoy all the flavour and aroma of authentic Valencian oranges freshly cut from the tree and receive them at home in approximately 72 hours.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find natural and traditionally grown products. LA NARANJA FALLERA was born in 2010 with the aim of offering Valencian oranges directly from the field and harvested in their optimum state of ripeness and flavour.

The difference in taste is noticeable in the sweetness and juice of the fresh fruit, natural and without preservatives.

During these years, we have wanted to go one step further to rescue the flavours of always. We are committed to organic farming, free of chemicals or other toxins harmful to our health and the environment.

In this way, we get healthy, tasty products with the authentic flavour of always, and we will send you fresh, quality and delicious fruit to your home.

We are a family business. People, trusting relationships and honesty are very important to us.

These values, which accompany our family, are the same values we extrapolate and project in our small project. For this reason, we understand that each client is unique and special.

Our crops of oranges and mandarins are from Valencia (Spain), from the area l’horta Sud. Specifically from Picanya, one of the best lands for cultivation due to its location and microclimate.

The Orange of Solidarity

At La Naranja Fallera, we are committed to people and society. We believe that Social Responsibility should not be at odds with the size of companies but rather with the will and desire to help.

With this initiative, we intend to help the neediest people by donating our natural oranges to different food banks or organizations with the same purpose every month. We are comforted to know that, as far as we can, you will be able to enjoy our freshly picked oranges straight from the tree, preserving all their properties.

We are proud to think that doing our bit can make people who are probably going through one of the most challenging periods of their lives happy, even if only for a moment.


We want you to feel part of this initiative because our customers make La Naranja Fallera possible. Thanks to you, we are growing as a company and, as far as we can, we want our charity project to grow as well.

Do you want to know more about our social actions?



La Naranja Fallera, Picanya - Valencia


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