Concerning Orange juice, do you lose the vitamins if you do not drink it freshly squeezed?

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We’ve all heard the phrase: “Run! Drink the juice right away, or the vitamins will evaporate”. It is the typical phrase of your mother or grandmother when they have prepared you a natural orange juice.

And what’s even worse… you’ve said it too, and you know it!

But… Is this a myth or is it true?

“Vitamin C is perfectly preserved in the juice for up to 12 hours, although the taste can become more bitter”.

Thus, the Revista Espaรฑola de Nutriciรณn Humana y Dietรฉtica (Spanish Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics) debunks this myth.

For a considerable decrease of vitamins in the orange juice to occur, it would have to be subjected to extreme conditions such as heating the liquid to 120 ยบC.

Also, the well-known chef Alberto Chicote wanted to do the test on his own in a program on Antena 3 television. The Echevarne laboratory carried out an analysis of an orange juice by isolating its vitamin C.

The result was the same, 6 and 12 hours later there was the same amount of Vitamin C as initially.

IMPORTANT: You can pretend you didn’t read this.

If you are an early riser or the one in charge of preparing delicious breakfasts while the rest of the family stays in bed…

You may not want to tell the whole truth about orange juice to the rest of your family. So you can keep on calling them loudly…

Heeey… Getuuup…. ยกยกยกยกvitamins evaporate!!!!!

And you, have you ever said it?

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